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The World Conference on Transportation Research will be organized on on 2016 at Shanghai in China.

Renewed Invitation for Bids to Host WCTR-15, in 2019
The World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS) now invites bids from leading academic/research institutions, with a recognised international profile in transport research, who wish to be considered as prospective organisers of the 15th World Conference on Transport Research (WCTR-15) to be held in 2019. Organisers should be prepared to keep the traditions of WCTRS and WCTR, with the freedom to make each conference an event showing the uniqueness of the host site.
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Message from the WCTRS New President


Professor Yoshi Hayashi (Nagoya University) has been elected New President of WCTRS at the last General Assembly of the Society held at the Rio Conference in July 2013.


He addresses a reminder to former members for the renewal of their membership; and an invitation to any person interested to join our society


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Current WCTRS Events

The WCTRS Current Events are the committees meetings scheduled twice the year and scientific activities organized mainly by SIGs.


Half-year Committee Meeting:  


The half-year Committees Meeting is scheduled to take place every year, on January at Washington during the TRB, and on July at the Headquarter of the society in Lyon, except during the Conference Year. 


Last Conference Main Results
Main decisions of the last General Assembly: 

The WCTRS last General Assembly has been  held at Rio on Wednesday 17th July 2013 during the 13th Conference. It resulted on the election of a new president and steering committee members.

Prize awarding:
Here are the recipients of the Rio conference Prizes
Dupuit Prize 
Werner Rothengatter
WCTRS Prize for the Best Paper: 

WCTRS Prize for the Best Paper presented by a Young Researcher
Moataz MAHMOUD and Julian HINE
WCTRS Prize for the Best Poster
Transport Policy Prize for the Most Influential Paper
Jillian ANABLE
Prize for the WCTR Best Paper on Transport in Developing Countries (offered by the Cairo Universitry):