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10th WCTR - Istanbul 2004


The 10th World Conference on Transportation Research - Istanbul, Turkey, 2004

10th WCTR's Committees

 Professor Yücel CANDEMIR

Chairman of the 10th WCTR 2004 Istanbul


Local Organising Committee Programme Committee
George GIANNOPOULOS Vice Chairman, Greece Füsun ÜLENGIN Chairwoman
Haluk GERÇEK Conference Co-Chairman Güldem CERIT 9 Eylul University
Rafet BOZDOGAN Member - IBB Mike CRUM Iowa State University, USA
Mustafa ILICALI Member - TBMM Vedat DIKER SUNY at Albany, USA
Members from ITU : Özgür KAYALICA, Suat KÜÇÜKÇIFÇI, Lerzan ÖZKALE, Cengiz GÜNGÖR Members from ITU : Emine AGAR, Ergun GEDIZLIOGLU, Yasemin BIRO, Sule ÖNSEL SAHIN, Y. Ilker TOPÇU, Burç ÜLENGIN, Emel AKTAS, Özgür KABAK
  Vedat VERTER, McGill University, Canada


Conference Summary

Welcome Message From the Chairman of WCTR 2004 Local Organising Committee

Those who have been in touch with the WCTR meetings of the past know well that it is not only a forum of transport professionals of all brands, but it is also a fountain for those who are thirsty of inspiration for planning the future. This is something which the researchers of the Third World need more than those of the Developed World and more than ever so right at this time of the walk of the humankind into the future.

When you come to think that the so-called process of globalization is a fact, a fait accompli, of our time now, then, you should know that the main aim of that process is to maximize the volume of global trade. Then, you have to accept the critical importance of transportation. A recent World Bank report says the effect of transport costs outweighs that of customs taxes. This means well-designed transport policies have an important stake in the destiny of developing countries vis-à-vis the globalization. Here, these countries face one of their most ruthless barriers for progress: lack of research.

To overcome the problems arising from the incompetence of research infrastructure, the developing countries must topple not only the financial barriers, but barriers in the minds as well. This is indeed so, because allocating more resources for research is basically more a matter of preference than a matter of abundance / scarcity – as in all other spheres of the economy. In the case of transportation research, situation is not much different and we can proudly say that WCTR tradition has always offered ample chances to all. This time, in 2004, we took a step further and offer more chances to the developing world. If you look at our website, you will see that there is a great difference between the Registration fees of high and low-income countries. The difference is our offer (as a subsidy) to the low-income countries. Then: why not try to catch the train?

Yücel Candemir
Chairman of the Local Organising Committee


Conference Topic Areas

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Registered participants (nationalities can be seen in sheet "list of registered participan  688
Oral Presentation
Poster Presentation
Oral Presentation (not presented)  205
 Poster Presentation (not presented)  35
Total number of Sessions  213
Average number of Presentations per Session  2.93
Fullpapers received from the authors  679
Fullpapers in the first CD  581
Fulpapers accepted for revised CD  257
Fulpapers accepted for revised CD and approved by authors (by August 24th) revised CD  225


The conditions of publishing the 10th WCTR Proceedings

The decision taken finally for the Proceedings of the 10th WCTR is fourfold : a printed booklet (1) and a CD (2), both including all draft papers as submitted to the conference, will be distributed at the registration at the conference ; a CD with the Proceedings (3) will be published, comprising about 200-250 papers, selected and revised according to the recommendations of the referees ; outstanding papers (not exceeding 50) can also be published in Elsevier journals in form of special issues (4)."

  • Furthermore, Elsevier (our publication partner) has a Transport Connect website in which the WCTRS forthcoming conference (Berkeley 11th WCTR) is announced :


The conditions of obtaining the 10th WCTR Proceedings CD-ROM

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